iWatchLife is a technology solution provider that brings edge-cloud video analytics to the OEM IP camera market, making it affordable, scalable and easy to use.

Event Classification API

​​​iWatchLife’s event classification API is among the most advanced analytics software currently available in this market. It offers several leading-edge features:

Cloud Storage API

​iWatchLife’s cloud storage API uses bank-level security to ensure that customers’ live and stored video is safe and secure, even on open wireless networks.

Web & Mobile Interface

iWatchLife’s proprietary web & mobile interfaces negates the need for a traditional computer setup. Now, your customers can do it all from any of their smart devices.

object classification learning object added/removed simple face recognition audio analytics

scalable, private, and secure edge cloud analytics event management global expansion more cameras, less brandwidth

camera with QR activation set up zones and alerts manage cameras/events/account push notifications

Effective Technology for Your Business Success

Join a growing number of OEM camera manufacturers enhancing their video analytics and cloud storage capabilities. iWatchLife is an easy-to-use, tested, turnkey solution that can be customized to your business’s needs.

Increased, Recurring Revenue

Bump up your bottom line effortlessly by adding an income stream with no demands on your resources.

White Label Solution

Add advanced video analytics and cloud storage to your hardware under your own brand.

Infinitely Scalable Architecture

No matter how fast your business grows, we’ll be there for you. Rapidly expanding production is no problem.

iWatchLife is a patent-protected, portable, DIY cloud video monitoring system that provides subscribers with specific notifications about what matters to them, and reduces false alerts.

Quite simply, using advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence, iWatchLife delivers more information and less irrelevant data. iWatchLife is now offering iWatchLife-branded and white label partnership solutions.